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The handmade bracelets of Pig Hen come from Amsterdam. They are made of Dutch ship's rope and sturdy metals and will last a lifetime. This trendy jewelry with a nautical look is therefore a beautiful and durable gift. Would you like to surprise yourself or someone else with a beautiful piece of jewelry? Bigshopper.nl is the ideal website to compare prices. So you can quickly and easily find a beautiful gift for the best price.
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Pig Hen bracelets

Compare with us dozens of Pig Hen bracelets in styles loved by adventurous men who like to go their own way. Some of the jewelry has a neutral look, so that women can also join the collection. There is a large choice of colors, from plain navy blue to ochre or mint green. A combination of multiple colors creates a playful effect. The stainless steel closures always have a different shape and are made of black, grey or silver coloured metal.

Authentic bracelets in different sizes

These jewelry are suitable for lovers of maritime styles. Because of the material and the design Pig Hen bracelets evoke the image of rough sea bows and sturdy ship's knots. There are wide bracelets, but also examples that consist of several braided straps. If you want to compare the bracelets of this brand, keep in mind that they are available in different lengths.

Based on shipping tales from long ago

In the time of the distant voyages, seasoned sailors often had the image of a pig and a chicken tattooed on their feet. This would bring good luck, since after a shipwreck the pigs and chickens often survived in their wooden crates, which kept floating on the water and could float to shore. This superstition from the seventeenth century is the inspiration for Pig Hen's extremely strong bracelets. This Amsterdam-based company stands for solid craftsmanship and by choosing the name it brings back to life an old sailor's story.

Bracelet that makes you look good

The Pig Hen bracelets are water resistant and the colours remain beautiful. If this appeals to you, compare the prices of the bracelets you are interested in. Because of the great variety in colors, models and closures there is always a bracelet that suits you. Whether you're traveling on your sailing ship, going out for a night out or crashing on the couch with your family, Pig Hen bracelets make a cool outfit perfect.