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Boost your online presence by importing Google Ads data right into your dashboard! Dive into real-time campaign insights and label your products like a pro with Bigshopper’s LabelWiser. 🚀 Ready to elevate your online performance? Combine Ads data with your unique metrics, like margin and POAS, and watch as you zoom past your competitors. Let’s dominate the market together!

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The Bigshopper LabelWiser is now bundled with Bigshopper Premium CSS – at no extra cost! Are you part of our Bigshopper Professional CSS family? Don’t miss out; request your free demo today! And if you’re just starting with Bigshopper CSS, we’re rolling out the red carpet with a free first month. Jump in and experience the magic!

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Set up your dashboard, lead the race!

Unpack the power of our intuitive dashboard! Configure based on volume (hello, Clicks and Impressions!) and performance (ROAS and Conversions, we’ve got you!). Play with sliders to unveil product counts per label. Mix in your margin metrics, and before you know it, your competitors are just tiny specks in your rear-view mirror. Zoom ahead and lead the race!

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LabelWiser Unleashed: Configure, Categorize, and Conquer Your Market!

Once you’ve dialed in your configuration, let LabelWiser dazzle you by auto-labeling your products! Meet the categories: from the hidden ‘sleepers’ and sneaky ‘bandits’ to the budding ‘potentials’, and the crowned ‘champions’. Discover where each product stands and strategize like never before!

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From Labeling to Launch: Elevate Your Ads with LabelWiser!

Ready, set, label! 🚀 Once LabelWiser meticulously categorizes each of your products, effortlessly export these labels either to your preferred Feed Management System or straight into Google Ads. Streamline your strategy and elevate your ad game!

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Get acquainted with the stars of your Shopping Campaigns!

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First up, we have the ‘sleepers’. A good chunk of your products are still in slumber, gaining neither clicks nor conversions. Time to rouse them to action!

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Then there’s the cunning ‘bandits’. Wondering where chunks of your ad budget are disappearing to? It’s certainly not funneling to your top-performing products. It’s time to rein in those bandits and revitalize your campaigns.

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What about those rising stars, brimming with potential but not quite shining bright yet? Meet the ‘potentials’! These products showcase stellar performance, but they’re still waiting in the wings, not yet contributing fully to your success.

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And finally, your mighty ‘champions’. While they might represent just a slice of your product pie, they’re the heavy lifters when it comes to your revenue. Protect them at all costs and let them do what they do best: outperform and outshine the competition!

Enjoy the LabelWiser for free!

The Bigshopper LabelWiser is now bundled with Bigshopper Premium CSS – at no extra cost!

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Features LabelWiser™ Competitors
Intuitive dashboard
Including performance overview of the advertisements
Easy setup
Easy setup arranged within 10 minutes
Export feed
Export the results into a supplemental feed for your Merchant Center
ROAS and Clicks
A personal merchant page will allow you to build an even more personal relationship with your clients and increase your organic visibility in the Google result pages
Impressions and Conversions
With an exceptional Ahrefs Domain Rating of 59, we proudly offer backlinks that are incredibly valuable for your website's SEO success
Our Uptime Monitoring Tool that continuously monitors if your website is still online
Instant slider adjustments
On-Demand Service: Whenever you need a feed audit, simply reach out to us, and we'll swiftly take care of it