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Since its foundation in 1989, CASCO is a family business that has focused on producing top quality helmets and eyewear with exceptional flair. But CASCO wants more than just special, well thought-out design concepts: it also focuses on innovation. Their efforts have led to numerous patents and awards. In addition to helmets for equestrians, cyclists, mountain bikers and winter sports enthusiasts, they also produce accessories such as sports glasses. View and compare the numerous products presented on Bigshopper and set off safely on the road.
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European production

CASCO also understands the importance of corporate social responsibility outside the product. This includes the conscious choice of the company to manufacture all its products in Europe. Sales and service are managed from the site in Bretnig, Germany. This enables them to guarantee excellent quality and good working conditions for their employees at all times. It goes without saying that all their products comply with European safety standards and are under the permanent control of certified bodies. CASCO is ISO certified, which ensures quality control at every stage of production.

An animal shelter of its own

The company has also set up an animal shelter next to the company's Satu Mare factory, which until now has been financed with its own money. They also actively promote amateur and professional sports. Many top athletes rely on CASCO for the Olympic Games, World Championships and European competitions for winter sports, cycling and equestrian sports. They compare the experiences of top athletes and make the necessary adjustments to their advice.

Light and safe

The helmets for the many sports have a new and fresh design that offers fan-shaped ventilation openings with superior ventilation and a stylish appearance. For equestrian sports, there are helmets that are ideal for dressage riders, where elegance and style are important. Every year they try to launch a new helmet for the different sports. The new shapes look fantastic and are incredibly light. This makes CASCO a comfortable choice for different athletes. Mountain biking is an intensive sport. That is why it is important to keep your head cool while riding. This is made possible by a sophisticated ventilation system in the core of the helmet. The unique safety system provides extra safety because the helmet core and helmet shell are firmly connected to each other and are also heat-resistant. View and compare the range of helmets from our suppliers and get a safe CASCO helmet.