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Grisport is one of the best known companies in the field of tracking and hiking. The focus of the company is on shoes. The brand also makes various types of work shoes. Due to the composition of the individual materials and the structure of the shoes, they are seen as very strong and absolutely suitable for all types of hiking. Grisport has developed a special system that makes the shoes even more robust and resistant to external influences. In addition, the shoes should of course also be comfortable to wear, so that no problems arise when wearing them for long periods of time. The mixture of leather and plastic makes the models water-repellent and breathable. The Grisport shoes are also hardwearing and score well because of their good wearing comfort.
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Grisport hiking shoes for maximum comfort

The Grisport models have the classic hiking shoe design and numerous positive features. Models such as the Quatro Hiking come in high quality hydrophobic suede leather. The material is not only very robust, but also water-repellent. So you are well prepared for rain and wet surfaces. The Italian manufacturer relies on breathable synthetic fibres for the inner lining. This keeps the shoe pleasantly dry inside, even during strenuous walks. To walk safely on rough surfaces, models such as the Wolf have a thick sole with cushioning properties. The deep tread provides reliable grip on slippery surfaces. For maximum comfort Grisport places anatomically shaped soles in the shoes. A slight curve in the toe area supports natural movement.

Materials shoes Grisport

Leather, textiles and rubber are used in Gisport shoes. Each material has its own field of application. The leather, which is real leather, forms the upper layer of the shoe and gives stability. In addition, leather protects the feet, for example against water. Moreover, the material is very resistant and is also resistant to sharp stones or extreme temperatures. The textile material used is primarily intended to ensure the comfort of the shoe and to prevent the shoe from sweating too quickly. Therefore, this material is also used on the inside of the shoe.

The third part is rubber. The rubber is placed in two layers under the shoe. A layer that is placed closer to the foot acts as a cushion to protect the foot during movement. The second layer forms the underside of the shoe. It forms the sole and the rubber is harder than the rubber layer above it. It thus provides direct protection against objects that can penetrate the shoe from below. An example of this are pointed objects on the ground or a rocky terrain.