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Heiniger makes shavers, hair clippers and trimmers for cattle. With the Swiss company's products, professionals can shave their animals as precisely, quickly and cleanly as possible. The materials used are very sharp and as hard as steel, making them last a long time. The products undergo strict controls during the production process to guarantee optimal quality. On Bigshopper you can compare shaving and cutting products for horses, sheep, cows, cats and dogs.
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With a horse shaver you can shave wirelessly for up to 2 hours in a row thanks to the powerful Lithium-Ion battery. Because the machine has no cable, you can shave the animal quickly and easily. In addition, the shaver is very quiet, so the horse does not become restless, and lies well in the hand. You get a battery charger included and the device itself indicates when it's time to charge. Besides a shaving machine for horses, other models are also available, such as a shaver for sheep and for cows. Depending on the machine you choose you will get the right set of blades and a screwdriver, cleaning brush, oil and a case to store everything.


With a trimmer from Heiniger you can shave much more precisely. These devices are among other things very suitable for dogs and cats. With extreme precision you can trim the tail, legs and eyes. The mini trimmers last for hours and are recharged within an hour. Depending on the model you order, you will receive an adjustable comb that is suitable for dog or cat styling. You can hardly hear the clippers and can shave with great precision. The removable shaving head makes it very easy to clean after use. If you like it is also possible to use the trimmer on network power with the included cable.

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You can also order the Heiniger razors separately, for example when you are ready for a new knife and the device is still working properly. The razors are specifically designed for certain devices so before you order them always check if the razor is compatible with your device. Other accessories, such as an extra charger for your battery, can also be ordered at a later time.