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It's hard to imagine life without the computer mouse. With just a few clicks you can pave the way for the World Wide Web, the latest game adventure or files and documents on your computer. Although the PC can only be operated with a keyboard, and even faster than a mouse, few people would want to do it without the small, handy clickers. Logitech manufacturer mice are especially popular. With an extensive product range and more than 20 years of experience, the company reaches customers with a wide variety of requirements. In addition to mice, the company also develops various other computer accessories such as keyboards and boxes. Compare them all at Bigshopper!
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Not all mice are the same. There is a difference between wireless mouse and cable mouse. Wireless mice are characterized by absolute freedom of movement, but constantly need new batteries. Although the cable mouse is connected locally, it is powered by the cable and is therefore always ready to use. However, wireless mice are not the only wireless models. Some devices send their signals to the PC via Bluetooth. Regardless of whether the transmission is via cable, radio or Bluetooth, the mice can also be declared as game or laser mice.

The right interface

To use the different types of mice, the home computer must have the right interface. Wireless mice need a USB port. The receiver is connected to the computer via USB and can thus establish a connection. The cable mouse is usually also connected via USB. Some older models are connected via the PS/2 connector. Bluetooth mice usually also work via a USB dongle, which works in the same way as wireless mice. Only a few models can be connected directly to the integrated Bluetooth interface in computers.

What do the resolution specifications mean?

Resolution is an important detail of a Logitech mouse's technical data. It is expressed in dpi (dots per inch). The more points the mouse can recognize, the more accurately it can control the mouse cursor. This information is especially important for gamers. If you need the mouse for the latest game blockbuster, it is good to buy a mouse that reaches at least 1700 DPI. Even better are gaming mice with more than 4000 DPI resolution. For normal internet browsing or multimedia applications, models between 900 and 1000 DPI are sufficient.

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Logitech is probably the best-known manufacturer of computer mice and keyboards. The devices are usually visually appealing, reliable and useful for many purposes. So any gamer, surfer, movie enthusiast, and data juggler will find a mouse that's right for them.