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Royal Doulton's classic tableware has a distinctive English aura of style and finesse. The English company has been making porcelain, ceramics and glasses in the traditional manner since 1815. The tableware on your table radiates class and quality. Where the Royal Doulton service used to be very classic, with prints of English flowers and many lovely colours, nowadays it also makes hip and contemporary tableware that is very popular. At Bigshopper, for example, you can compare the crockery set designed in collaboration with chef Gordon Ramsay. You have a wide choice of mugs, breakfast and dinner plates, pasta plates, pastry plates, bowls and much more.
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Compare mugs from Royal Doulton

The English brand mugs not only have a contemporary look but also an ideal shape. Choose for example the trendy mugs from the Royal Doulton 1815 collection. This collection is designed as an ode to the very first series of the porcelain brand, but in a modern jacket. This sturdy crockery still has a delicate look and the mugs are beautifully designed with subtle colour strips in yellow, mint green, light blue and lilac. The mug is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. The complete series consists of dinner plates, breakfast plates, pasta plates and various bowls.

Compare Royal Doulton breakfast plates

The Royal Doulton breakfast plates are available in various beautiful designs. Go for example for breakfast plates from the popular Pacific collection. This collection combines classic white and blue colours with patterns. The breakfast plates are inspired by the deep blue colour of the Pacific Ocean and the designs are reminiscent of a quiet, warm and blissful day at the beach. The breakfast plates are not only fun to buy for yourself but also make a beautiful gift. Some sets are available in a beautiful gift box.

Complete tableware from Royal Doulton compare

With a complete set of tableware you have all the tableware in the house for a completely set table. The set usually consists of 12 parts: 4 dinner plates, 4 breakfast plates and 4 bowls. For example, choose a set from the Maze series, which was designed in collaboration with chef Gordon Ramsay. The modern crockery can take a beating, is dishwasher safe and can be microwave-mounted. You can add pasta plates, a nice bowl, cups and saucers to the set. The crockery is available in different colours, you can set the table in one colour or mix and match.