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The American company SanDisk has been active for more than 30 years as a producer of all kinds of data storage. You may be familiar with the brand of handy USB sticks and memory cards, but few people will realize that SanDisk products are everywhere around us today, in a wide variety of devices. The company supplies its tiny memory chips, under its own brand name or unbranded, to manufacturers of, for example, televisions, refrigerators, phones, cameras and smartwatches. The brand owes its excellent reputation to the very high quality and reliability of its memory storage products. High transfer speeds ensure lightning-fast storage of your photos and other files. The brand is not only loved by consumers. For professional applications, too, the manufacturer offers a product line that, compared to the competition, excels in shock resistance, speed and reliability. Following an acquisition in 2016, Sandisk is a subsidiary of Western Digital.
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The history of a world leader in memory storage

Comparing SanDisk with its competitors in the technology sector, it is notable that from the beginning, the company has focused on one specific part of the market: digital storage. It all started in 1988 when Mr. Harari, Mr. Mehrotra and Mr. Yuan founded their own technology company to manufacture ROM (Read-Only Memory) memory disks for desktop computers. Harari's daughter came up with a cheerful, sunny brand name for her father's ROM discs: SunDisk. In 1995, when the company became a listed company, the founders made a small name change and from then on the name was SanDisk. In the meantime, the manufacturer had introduced an important new product to the market: the very compact Flash memory. This compact memory chip made it possible to use data storage in portable devices such as laptops and phones, which quickly became popular in the 1990s. The advent of digital photography led to leading brands such as Canon and Nikon partnering with SanDisk to develop a standard for removable memory cards. In 2002, the brand launched its first USB stick. Compared to floppy disks and zip drives that were still widely used at the time, this was a huge improvement, both in ease of use and reliability.

Not only very good but also beautiful!

Comparing products will always be a matter of taste, but SanDisk has definitely made a name for itself with the appearance of the products. In addition to memory cards, USB sticks and SSDs in the wide range you will also find a series of beautifully designed and very compact music players.