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Two things are particularly important when it comes to appearance: the clothing and the smell. You can control both factors, but it's not always easy to find the right choice. Especially when it comes to perfumes, because people have very different tastes. It's not easy to choose the right product. The brand Versace is a very well known perfume brand. Compare at many types of perfume of this brand.
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History of Versace

Versace is an Italian brand that is known worldwide. In 1980 it made a breakthrough in international business, until then it was a small company. The brand mainly stands for bright colors, striking looks, luxury handbags and exciting perfumes. It's also a Jeans collection.

Where does the Versace brand stand for

Many people know its perfumes, but few know what message the company wants to convey with them. Roughly speaking, the fragrance is based on the philosophy of the clothing brand. As mentioned before, this means that the brand wants to distinguish itself from other perfume manufacturers. On the one hand, this is achieved by a very characteristic fragrance that you immediately recognize. But you can also recognize the fragrances by an interesting design of the packaging. The perfume developers want to offer customers something with which they can make a statement, a bold and very individual fragrance. Comparing several online can save you a lot of money.

The differences between Versace perfumes

As usual, the biggest difference is the difference between a man's fragrance and a woman's fragrance. For both sexes, Versace offers a separate category with different perfumes. However, within this category there are also major differences, which are noticeable on the one hand in the price and on the other hand in the quality of the fragrance. For example, there are men's fragrances with a sweet, fruity fragrance. Although there are also the somewhat stronger, bitter fragrances available. Which scent appeals to you is very personal, it is best to try them once and then compare the prices with us so that you buy the best offer. There are also big differences between scents for women, but the offer for women is slightly larger than for men.

Versence: an elegant fragrance

Versace fragrances are all elegant and precious. They are usually the heavy, traditional fragrances in the perfume segment and are therefore not suitable for everyone. Versence is different: it has an enchanting floral quality that is both natural and warm. The fragrance has an almost classical structure. The fragrance has lemony elements of green mandarin and bergamot and Mediterranean prickly pear. Warm, noble wood and musk form the basis. In all its splendour Versense is reminiscent of warm summer evenings on holiday. Compare with us the affordable perfumes, for example, consisting of the 30 ml fragrance and body lotion.