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Bucas is an Irish designer brand and produces high quality professional horse blankets and other equestrian products. The company has been on the market since 1981 with the latest technological developments. In addition, the company is busy combining experiences and new ideas from other industries and countries in order to produce the most technically advanced products. Bucas has an international reputation and exports its products to markets all over the world. The company has a high reputation in the equestrian world and works continuously on improvements in order to be able to offer the right quality. You can easily compare Bucas' versatile range and choose from high quality products such as horse blankets for protection during winter, summer or protection for nasty insects.
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A pioneer with waterproof blankets

In 1982, Bucas was one of the first companies on the market to produce the high-performance waterproof turnout blankets. This brought about a major change in the horse blanket industry and was followed by the first fully waterproof and breathable blankets around the end of the eighties. With the fully waterproof and breathable blankets, the brand ensures that in winter and on rainy days, horses don't catch cold and still sweat enough. Bucas also came up with the Stay-dry principle, a special fabric that wicks away moisture and sweat so your horse always stays dry. Quickly compare the different waterproof blankets and make sure your horse doesn't have to stand in the cold.

Sophisticated techniques

As well as specialising in waterproofing, the company focuses on the production of lightweight high quality blankets. The blankets are easy to store and provide optimal comfort for your horse. The brand also came up with special sun-reflective blankets and antibacterial linings. For the annoying flies the brand came up with the revolutionary Buzz-Off full body flying blanket. With the advanced materials for fly blankets, the blankets offer protection against even the smallest insects and UV rays. With a wide choice of different models you can easily compare the different blankets and choose from e.g. blankets for the cold, heat or a combination. You can also compare other handy items from Bucas for the equestrian center, such as halters, transport protectors, row out blankets, or even dog blankets. With these handy and essential items, you'll be good for the day and give your horse the extra bit of comfort he deserves.