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Dunlop is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers and develops, produces and sells vehicle tyres, tennis rackets and boots, among other things. The brand has an excellent reputation among motorcycle and tennis enthusiasts. Dunlop's extensive racing experience and long track record in sports cars and motorcycles has led to innovative tyre technologies for everyday use. The brand also manufactures boots and tennis rackets at the highest level.
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History Dunlop

From the very beginning it is clear what drives Dunlop: creating a better driving experience for the motorist and motorcyclist. Strangely enough, Dunlop's success story doesn't start on four or two wheels, but on three. In 1888 the founder and veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921) saw his son Johnny bumping over cobblestones on his tricycle. It was clear that Johnny was not making fast progress and did not feel comfortable. The father took the tricycle with him to help him get a more comfortable ride and better road holding. He wrapped the tires in thin rubber, stuck them together and then inflated them with a soccer pump - with the top of a baby bottle as a valve. He developed the first air cushion system in history and the first pneumatic tyre.

Dunlop products

Dunlop always strives to improve the fun and offers all customers the performance and durability of the latest technology. Touch Technology, for example, reflects the company's commitment to product development: Dunlop tyres give drivers more road feel and superior road feedback for greater control and driving pleasure. Engineers and designers in Europe, the US and Japan share their expertise to gain maximum benefit worldwide, so that production facilities on three continents continue to deliver exceptional performance. The strength of the brand and company manifests itself in various areas, including tennis rackets and quality boots.

Dunlop quality boots

The company has a long tradition as a manufacturer of rubber boots. The company produced the first rubber boots in 1927. Today the company specializes in rubber boots and safety boots for professional use. The company merged with the Dutch shoe manufacturer Hevea BV in 1996. After that, the first Purofort rubber boots were developed. The jointly developed unique Purofort material technology enriches daily work in construction, agriculture, industry and other fields with a rubber boot of the highest quality. In addition to the Purofort rubber boot, the brand also offers other rubber boots for work and leisure in a wide range of materials, such as the classic Acifort rubber boot.

Dunlop rubber boots

Dunlop rubber boots have been the pinnacle of comfortable work boots made from rubber materials for decades. The best-known boots are the Purofort models that are robust and comfortable, making everyday life in agriculture, construction and industry a little more pleasant. Discover the brand's wide range of rubber boots here. The range of rubber boots stretches from simple, inexpensive rubber boots without safety features to water shoes and rubber boots for professional use.