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Petzl is a French company that produces everything for the climbing sport, from pickels to helmets and headlights. Almost every climber carries a Petzl product with him or her while practicing his or her sport. The company's mission is to create innovative solutions, products or aids that help people progress in a vertical or dark environment. Compare the assortment of different webshops on to find the best deal.
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The history of Petzl

The story of Petzl began in the 1930s with craftsman and speleologist Fernand Petzl. Based on his passion for discovering caves, the founder started designing and manufacturing products that help in climbing, descending, securing and seeing in the dark. In 1970 the first Petzl products came out of the workshop in the French town of Saint-Nazaire-Les-Eymes. Today, the company has grown into an international company that still retains the passion and personality of its founder. By comparing on you can easily and quickly find the best deal. If you're looking for the cheapest products will automatically be on top. All you have to do is click through to the webshop and order your product.

For whom are the products of Petzl

Petzl focuses on passionate (ice) climbers, trailrunners, canyoning, speleologists and other adventurous athletes who need to have their hands free when playing sports. The company's mission is to develop innovative tools and services for both men and women so that they can better exercise their hobby. The smart products make it easier to find your way in the dark, protect yourself and position yourself. Compare now between the different sellers and order your product easily online for the best price.

Products for professionals

The company also has a branch with products for professionals such as harnesses, helmets and carbines. Among other things, these products are suitable for window washers who work at high altitudes and rescue workers. You can also choose one of the durable and powerful professional headlights. These are designed for intensive use in the, inspection, industry and maintenance. You can compare the range at your convenience on Use the smart filters to make a selection based on the seller, category or price.