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Rains is a Danish outdoor clothing brand, founded in 2012 by Philip Lotko and Daniel Brix Hesselager. The name Rains comes from the weather element that this brand wants to protect the user from, namely rain! Brix and Hesselager know each other from university and started a company together in making ponchos out of a lightweight material as a hobby project, but this quickly grew into more. Meanwhile, this brand not only sells ponchos, but also ladies, men and unisex raincoats in all kinds of colors and accessories such as bags. Brix and Hesselager wanted a modern twist on the raincoat and other outdoor clothing, but the designs always have a simplistic and minimalistic style. So Rains fits in perfectly with the Scandinavian clothing style that is very trendy these days.
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Made to withstand the rain

The products Rains has become so familiar with are finished with a special type of polyurethane coating (PU coating), which is semi-matt in texture and also feels waterproof and flexible. Brix and Hesselager were also inspired by the rubber raincoat. If you compare this classic with the designs of Rains, you'll see that they've put the classic raincoat in a more modern jacket! Raincoats were often heavy and the rubber material was not very breathable, so Brix and Hesselager wanted to change that by developing the special PU coating. Besides the minimalist semi-matt raincoats in colours like petrol blue, red, olive green, navy blue and classic black, this brand also has a number of trendy ones for those who like to brave the rain in style. You can also buy transparent raincoats, glossy trenchcoats with a holographic finish and waterproof bomber jackets. Furthermore, this brand also makes waterproof and lightweight accessories such as backpacks, weekend bags, travel bags, shoulder bags and wallets.

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Since the weather in the Netherlands is similar to Denmark and it often rains in our cold frog country, Rains products are also very popular in our country. So if you are looking for a Rains raincoat or a backpack for example, you will find that you can order this brand online in many different places. The prices vary a lot from shop to shop, so it's a good idea to compare prices in advance before you actually order something. Therefore, always use the price comparator on this page, because here you can immediately see where you can order your beautiful backpack or jacket for the cheapest price!