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Sony, one of the largest producers in the field of consumer electronics

The Japanese brand Sony has a rich history and was founded on 7 May 1946. To this day, the brand has developed a broad line of consumer electronics, of which the Sony Playstation is perhaps one of the best-known. By now, the company employs thousands of employees worldwide and is, after Panasonic, the largest producer in the field of consumer electronics in the world. Batteries, battery packs, camera lenses and matching bodies for an SLR, Sony offers it all!
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It all started with the development of a rice cooker

Did you know that the first product developed by the Sony team was a rice cooker? The company started out with only 20 employees and was called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo at the time, which means Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering. Not much later the company name was changed to Sony, which is a cross between the words ''sonnny boy'' and ''sonus'' and has a more international tone. Nowadays you can go to this brand for different kinds of electronics and you are always assured of a good quality product. And in the end, that's what it's all about, isn't it? What kind of electronics are you looking for right now?

Compare all consumer electronics with each other

Whether you are looking for an extra set of batteries, a new or extra lens for your SLR camera, a mobile phone case or another product in the field of electronics. Of course you want to be sure that you never have to pay too much. That's why this website gives you a handy overview of different products, in different versions and price categories. Also for your wishes there is more than enough choice for a soft price. You can also choose to easily filter on the category office supplies, the category cameras and optics, the category electronics and the category home and garden. And do you have a certain budget in mind what maximum you want to spend on your brand new purchase? You can also use this filter in this category. In just a few mouse clicks you'll find the product that fully meets or exceeds your expectations. Sounds good, doesn't it?