PenTips is a Groningen-based company full of passion for creating. This young company started in 2020 and has grown considerably in a short time. PenTips started with one product, but in the meantime their product range has expanded. And according to PenTips, there is no end in sight.
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PenTips sells their products worldwide and is a well-known brand far beyond the Dutch borders. Both professional users, such as Disney and Pixar, and everyday users incorporate PenTips’ products into their creation routine on a daily basis.

Extra feeling on the digital canvas

PenTips focuses on creating a phenomenal feeling on the digital canvas. This includes illustrating or taking handwritten notes on the iPad. For any inconvenience found with digital creation, such as a lack of texture while illustrating or writing, PenTips aims to provide a solution that supports you perfectly. The goal of PenTips is to create a phenomenal feel for those who work on a digital canvas, such as the iPad. Adding grip, control, convenience and comfort are often recurring aspects in almost all of their products.

iPad Users

PenTips' current focus is on iPad and Apple Pencil users. Some products are designed specifically for Apple's products, or software exclusive to iOS, such as the popular drawing program Procreate.

Some Brand Types available from PenTips

The following Brand Types are available in the PenTips webshop: Computer Components , Digital Note Taking Pens , Electronics , Electronics Accessories , Input Devices