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Marc Jacobs is one of the hottest and most influential style icons of his generation, always imaginative and never predictable. In addition to his colourful patterns, Marc Jacobs is best known for his surprising details and the uniqueness of his fashion. His designs are full of energy and creativity. They are elegant but not artificial, always a combination of casual chic and natural charm. The scents of this extraordinary designer are just like his fashion: symbols of stylish luxury and absolutely indispensable for sophisticated trendsetters.
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The beginning of Marc Jacobs

As a student at the renowned Parsons School of Design, Marc Jacobs graduated with flying colours in 1984. Many other prizes followed, such as the Perry Ellis Golden Timbre Prize. Together with his business partner Robert Duffy he launched his first clothing collection in 1986. He creates the beautiful next to the bizarre. "Maybe it's so terrible that the weather is beautiful," is a typical statement of this exceptional talent. In 1989 he became head designer at Perry Ellis. There he proved his good sense of using vibrant and bright colours. A characteristic element that appears again and again in his collections. In 1993 he started working again under his own name Marc Jacobs and since 1997 he has also been creative director at Louis Vuitton.

Marc Jacobs Collections

As well as the Marc Jacobs women's collection, he sells a men's and children's collection, 6 different Marc Jacobs fragrances, 2 eyewear collections and the watch line. The brand has more than 60 stores worldwide. In his collections Marc Jacobs reinvents himself again and again and he still manages to remain true to himself. He combines seemingly contradictory elements into a new whole. He works with soft materials such as angora, cashmere and mohair and has a very straight cut. Especially in the bags of the brand are playful, soft and girly elements, always with a vintage touch.

Daisy: the scent of a style icon

The famous Daisy scent came on the market in 2007, it is a relatively inconspicuous bottle with a gold-white colour. The scent is fresh, feminine and seductively playful. Wild strawberries and flowers create the first impression of freshness, accompanied by a bouquet of jasmine. Musk and vanilla serve as the basis for this iconic scent. Because of Daisy's great success, variations and reinterpretations of the fragrance have been made regularly. The Daisy Dream composition was launched in 2014. The floral-fruity character is inspired by daisies and the blue sky. Daisy Dream Forever and Daisy Dream Blush are popular successors to the Daisy Dream.