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The history of the Japanese camera manufacturer Canon begins in 1935 in Tokyo. The four Japanese Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda had enough money to pay for small pocket cameras. They wanted to produce cheaper versions of the then very popular Leica and Contax cameras. In the beginning, the company had no means of making lenses of its own. The young company had to buy them from its competitor Nippon Kogaku K.K. (who later became Nikon). Only ten years later, the company could start producing its own camera lenses. Since then, the brand has grown steadily. No wonder, because the company offers a suitable camera for everyone.
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Kinds of Canon cameras

A camera from the Canon Ixus series is suitable for travel or spontaneous evenings. They are slim, easy to use, look good and fit in any handbag or backpack. For more demanding photography, the PowerShot series offers many possibilities. In the PowerShot series there are models that have more manual settings, a stylish finish or even are waterproof. The EOS series consists of digital SLR cameras. Demanding amateur photographers and professionals are more than satisfied with these cameras. In addition to cameras, Canon also produces other digital imaging products. These include scanners and printers. Video cameras, binoculars and fax machines are also part of the company's product portfolio.

For everyone a suitable digital camera

From today, Canon is the market leader and the largest camera manufacturer in the world. Canon currently offers three different camera series: EOS, PowerShot and Ixus. The EOS series consists of digital SLRs. These are the preferred choice of ambitious photographers. PowerShot offers many different models for different purposes. The Canon PowerShot D models are suitable for outdoor photography. With some cameras in the D-series you can even dive meters deep and take pictures underwater. The SX models belong to the category of bridge and travel cameras. They have an extremely powerful zoom performance. The PowerShot S-series is the series of so-called creative cameras. They have slightly less zoom, but you can enjoy higher image quality. The digital cameras of Ixus line are the most modest of all cameras.

Canon printers

Canon is the second largest printer manufacturer in the world. The product portfolio includes printers for every sector. They make inkjet printers, laser printers, multifunction printers, colour laser printers and photo printers. Although many things nowadays work paperless, it is useful to have a printer at home. For example, you can fill in letters and forms conveniently and neatly with your computer and only then print them. You can make and print beautiful and creative birthday cards yourself. For birthday cards, an inkjet printer or colour laser printer is the best choice. With a suitable photo printer you can print the photos you've taken at home. The brand has the right printer for every need.