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Harrys Horse has been a supplier of articles for horse and rider since 1974. Thanks to the high quality products you can enjoy the beautiful equestrian sport to the fullest. For example, the range for the rider includes gloves, caps and riding pants. For your horse you have a wide choice of blankets, halsters, bits and much more. Compare the extensive range first online on Bigshopper so you can go for the best deal. You can compare by using the filters and for example search by price or within the assortment of a certain seller. You can order in the seller's webshop.
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The story behind Harrys Horse

The Dutch Harrys Horse has been active as a supplier of products for the equestrian sport since 1974. Every season Harrys Horse comes up with a new line of matching products in colours and prints that match the latest trends. For example, you can match your riding breeches with your jacket. In addition, there is an extensive basic collection with reliable basics. Harrys Horse's mission is to give both riders and horses access to the latest developments in the field of function, fit, material and safety. The products are available at more than 2000 points of sale throughout Europe.

Compare the range for riders

The brand provides complete stylish outfits for riders. From riding breeches to riding jackets, socks, belts, plastrons and accessories such as matching mane bows, Harrys Horse supplies it. In addition, there are of course products available for safety such as riding caps and body protectors. The caps are available in different materials and colors to match your outfit. The body protectors comply with international standards, making them suitable to wear during officially organised competitions. The brand makes products for children and women.

Compare the range for your horse

For your horse there are many horse braces and bits, reins, harnesses and martingals available. These products are available in different colours of high quality leather and practical synthetic versions. The whips come in various lengths and parts so that you always have the right whip. For the pasture there are different blankets to keep your horse comfortably warm. You also have a choice of rain blankets, riding blankets and chest protectors. Finally, there is a wide range of care products to keep your horse happy and healthy. Think of hoof care products, mane spray and brushes and combs for the mane, tail and body of your horse.