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Joby produces flexible tripods for your phone, camera or tablet. The tripods have a unique design with bendable legs. This allows you to photograph or film from a creative point of view. In addition, the brand offers a line for action cameras such as a GoPro®. Compare the offer on Bigshopper to find the best deal. Filter by price, for example, or select the seller or category of your choice. Order by clicking on the seller's web shop and placing your order.
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About Joby

Joby has revolutionized the camera accessories market with its flexible Gorillapod line since its inception in early 2006. The company was founded near the American heart for technology start-ups, San Francisco, and is based in Petaluma, California. The range was quickly expanded to include a range of action cameras and GripTight products for mobile devices. In 2017 Joby was acquired by The Vitec Group. This innovative manufacturer and distributor of photographic accessories includes several major brands such as Lowepro, Gitzo and Manfrotto.

For whom are the products of Joby

The design of the products is user-friendly, functional and playful. Thanks to Joby's products, anyone can make semi-professional films and photos, simply with a phone or tablet. The tripod allows you to shoot from different angles than normal by, for example, tying the tripod around a branch or pole for a unique perspective. On Bigshopper you can compare Joby tripods at your leisure. By filtering on price for example, you can easily find the best offer. The website searches hundreds of providers for you so you can be sure of the best deal. The product line for phones is suitable for all types of smartphones, with or without case. The rubber feet of the tripod ensure that it stays on any surface, such as on uneven rocks or in the sand.

Compare tripods for action cameras

Compare tripods for action cameras if you want more opportunities to shoot great movies with your action camera. The tripod is suitable for GoPro®, Contour® and the Sony® Action Cam, among others. The flexible legs can be folded around your handlebars while mountain biking or around a fence to film your freerun moves. The tripods are so versatile, you can let your creativity run wild!