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Leovet has been making high-quality horse care products since 1982. The German brand was founded by Dr. Ulf Jacoby, a registered pharmacist and researcher. It was his own interest and scientific curiosity, as well as customer demand, that inspired him to start the company Leovet, specialized in horse care products. For the production only raw materials and active ingredients of pharmaceutical quality are used. Quality and efficacy are combined with an easy use of products. Leovet stands for smart care, healthy horses and less work for you as a rider.
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Compare Leovet horse shampoo

There are various types of horse shampoo in the range so you can choose the shampoo that best suits your horse. If you have a dark horse the power shampoo will give your horse's own coat color a nice look. The shampoo contains a UV filter that prevents the coat from discolouring. It also makes the coat easy to comb through the shampoo and makes the hair fibers smooth. For light horses it is advisable to choose a shampoo with camomile to keep the coat color beautiful and shiny. There are also special shampoos available if, for example, your horse suffers from yellow discoloration caused by moulds.

Comparing hoof care products

Comparing hoof care is an important part of caring for your horse. With a natural hoof oil you keep the horn of the hoofs elastic and strong. This oil consists of pure vegetable oils of avocado, sesame, jojoba and calendula. These ingredients bring moisture into the hoof and give it a long-lasting shine. Hoof fat from Leovet does not contain petroleum jelly, mineral oils or parabens but pure natural ingredients. Choose, for example, a strong nourishing hoof fat with bay laurel and eucalyptus. The fat cares for and nourishes the hoofs and makes them stronger. Dry and crumbly horn is regenerated and the fat absorbs quickly. Eucalyptus oil promotes the natural growth and elasticity of the horn.

Compare Leovet leather care products

As well as many horse care products in Leovet's range, you can also compare leather care products. For example, you can use the leather soap to maintain saddles, bridles and harnesses. In addition to use in the stable, you can also use the vegetable universal cleaner at home. You apply the soap with a wet cloth and remove the dirt by rubbing. By adding two spoons of oil soap to a bucket of warm water you get a good cleaner. Finish the care of saddles and other items by adding fine leather oil to the intensively used leather. This penetrates deeply and keeps the leather supple. The light and natural oils do not leave a greasy film behind.