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We know this brand mainly from photographs, texts and accounts of the fascinating wonders of our earth and beyond. Since 1888, the National Geographic Society has been providing mankind with magazines, books and films that have always awakened the desire for discovery within us. The organization has supported many important events. For example, the discovery of the Inca site of Machu Picchu and the advance of Robert Peary to the North Pole. Now there is not so much to discover, the National Geographic Society focuses on preserving the treasures of our planet. They report on the beauty of nature, but also on its threat to make mankind aware of the fragile balance in which we live. Of course, global research projects are supported to discover the latest secrets of the world.
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Focused on expanding and disseminating geographic knowledge, the company develops products to better view the world: Whether it's binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers, equipment for seeing in the dark or weather stations. Thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio, National Geographic makes it possible to expand and disseminate geographical knowledge.

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The close collaboration between National Geographic and Vitec Imaging Distribution is based on a shared passion for photography. Through award-winning photography of people, cultures, animals and nature, National Geographic aims to inspire us all to take care of planet Earth. At bigshopper, you can compare various photo bags and bags to go out into nature and enjoy everything around you. Compare the prices and buy a new bag from this beautiful brand.

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The binoculars of this brand is an extremely versatile product: waterproof, handy, robust and of high quality. The eyecups can be rotated and locked to adjust the distance between the eyes for observation with and without glasses. Dioptric correction is standard. The binoculars are equipped with high-quality BaK-4 prisms and are fully multi-coated. This enables a high-contrast, clear and natural observation. The high-quality lens covers are easy to open and close and can be removed completely with one movement. Compare the various National Geographic binoculars now and enjoy the most beautiful views soon.