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Perhaps Wedgwood is the world's most famous producer of pottery and porcelain. Over the centuries, the company has built up a great reputation as a maker of top-quality, tasteful tableware. Porcelain and pottery of this brand can be found in sideboards of royal houses, art connoisseurs and captains of industry on all continents. Founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood, the company has endured the centuries by focusing on superior products and continuous innovation. To this day, top-quality pottery and porcelain is still made by this company.
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Servishes for the greats of the earth

In 1759, Josiah Wedgwood founded one of the world's most famous factories for pottery and porcelain. For the first few years, the company only produced pottery and ceramics. It soon became clear that Josiah was ambitious, because the quality of his crockery was extremely high. According to sources from that time, one could easily compare it with porcelain. Only later, from 1812 onwards, did the company produce beautiful, high-quality porcelain tableware. As a result, the reputation of Wedgwood tableware grew even further. A well-known example is the delivery of a service consisting of 944 parts to Catherine the Great of Russia. Over the centuries, Wedgwood has supplied tableware to all the world's greats.

Timeless design of first-class products

Never since then, refined tableware has been produced at attractive prices in the factories in Stoke-on-Trent. So you can drink coffee or dine with the same crockery as world stars, presidents and monarchs for a reasonable amount of money. Or drink a cup of tea with a tableware that is exhibited in museums of renown. For many, owning a Wedgwood crockery is still a dreamed opportunity to enjoy timeless design of first-class products on the dining table or with tea or coffee.

Reachable luxury

Reachable luxury crockery for everyone everywhere, that was Josiah Wedgwood's dream when he started making pottery and ceramics. Now, more than 250 years later, Josiah's dream has come true. His pottery, ceramics and porcelain is available everywhere, including in our country. That's why we can now also enjoy the beautiful colours, perfect finish and chic look of beautiful Wedgwood crockery.

Compare and choose

There are so many beautiful Wedgwood crockery. So it pays to first delve into the range. Compare the various collections and choose the design you prefer. Have you made a choice? Then you can find the cheapest supplier by comparing the different suppliers. This will save you a lot of money and make sure you don't pay too much for that beautiful Wedgwood item of your choice.